Complexities and Challenges
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Join Business Leaders, Academics and Government in this expert-led discussion on the future of the supply chain.


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Delve into the complexities surrounding the supply chain in the context of the recalibration of the economic, diplomatic and technological relationship between the United States and China.

In this era, where the pressure to diversify your supply chain is coming from customers, the C-Suite, and from the nation’s capital, the practicalities of transitioning from a dependency on China are often overlooked. It isn’t as easy as sending production to India or Mexico. China has been a supply chain powerhouse because it remains the most efficient destination for multiple industries.

Our forum will focus on the real-world implications of any transition and issues that the current debate fails to address. 

We will provide a sensible, wide-ranging and nuanced discussion on the most critical economic and geopolitical relationship of the 21st Century and its effect on what and where you produce in the fields of 5G/Semiconductors, Agriculture, Apparel, Automotive, and the Medical supply chain.

We provide a platform of diverse conversation between both US and Chinese stakeholders to optimise business and investment strategy.


These are just some of the questions we're asking: 







Are we ignoring that many supply chains have migrated to domestic suppliers for the Chinese middle-class?

What are the logistical difficulties of shifting to neighbouring countries?

Is it feasible to bring low-end manufacturing back to the United States?

Does the US workforce have the skillsets to compete in elite manufacturing?

Can we find a middle ground between innovation, economic self interest and national security?

How realistic is it to bring any one part of the supply chain back to the UK?

Our rational debate will answer this and more, with the intellectual rigor of the think tank community and practical insights of business leadership.  

During The Future of the Supply Chain event, you will... 

  • Access elite content and converse with China thought leaders on the future of the supply chain.
  • Garner a holistic approach of key industry segments and policy debates.
  • Gather intelligence from multiple sources to formulate impartial decisions.
  • ​Engage with a broad and diverse network of industry and policy experts.
  • ​Access impartial information from diverse stakeholders to rationalise the supply chain dialogue. 


Kaiser Kuo

Mara Hvistendahl

Maggie Lewis
Seton Hall University

Nelson Dong
Dorsey and Whitney

Samm Sacks
Yale Law School

Carly Ramsey
Control Risks

Xiaomeng Lu
Access Partner

Graham Webster
Stamford University

Michal Meidan
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Danit Gal
United Nations

Paul Scharre

Anna Ashton
US-China Business Council

Wendy Cutler
Council on Foreign Relations

Jorge Guajardo
McLarty Associates

Jude Blanchette

Mira Rapp Hooper
Yale Law School

Jessica Chen Weiss
Cornell University

What does the US-China Series address?

  • The lack of nuanced discourse around innovation, economic interests and political issues.
  • The difficulty of accessing in-depth, impartial intelligence.
  • The necessity for diverse, first-hand information on US-China interdependence.
  • ​The desire for up-to-date analysis on companies, the economy and policy direction.
  • ​The need for differing voices from business, academia, government and capital markets to create comprehensive strategies.
A central ethos of the US-China series is the promotion of diversity, including gender, ethnicity, and geography. With engagement from all stakeholders, we are scratching the surface of what diverse thinking can achieve.

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